Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'm Sorry You Took My Words So Seriously

I found the text of Dick Durbin's remarks at his website.

To put it succinctly, he wasn't sorry for his comments, but for their perception. So this is not much of a position shift. It's just another pitch, maybe with a little tears to grease the hearts of Americans.

His comments are the issue, revealing an opinion about the treatment of terrorists who may have valuable information on future attacks, versus innocent people slaughtered across Europe and Asia over thirty years. Nobody's died at Gitmo. They just aren't happy. But they are healthy. Try watching The Killing Fields for a comparison.

Dick Durbin needed to say this:

"I made an unbelievably indefensible statement last week, comparing our military to the genocidists of the Twentieth Century. The comparison was completely outrageous and I was completely in the wrong for making it. I apologize to the people of America for saying such an upsetting thing about their servicemen and women. We have a military that is trying to keep us safe, and while I am not happy with that FBI report I read and may not be comfortable with some of the treatment it described, the treatment is simply unpleasant, not illegal and not immoral, and is the kind of thing that intelligent people can debate. I apologize and ask the forgiveness of the American people for my truly wrong mischaracterization of our military."

What he said was wrong, not how we perceived it.

He's not sorry. He's sorry that he's embarrassed. He meant what he said.


Anonymous Kathleen said...

Don't forget the genocidist of this current century, who's been in power for 46 years, responsible for the death of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands have suffered imprisonment in his REAL Gulags, millions in exile from his apartied communist state, and uncountable numbers dead trying to escape by sea or through Castros minefields that surround Guantamano. That's right. Fidel has the perimeter mined to keep his citizens from escaping to our base. Something to ponder.

3:22 PM  
Blogger GayPatriotWest said...

I wish you were Durbin's speechwriter. That is the apology he should have offered.

6:53 PM  

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