Monday, June 13, 2005

Howard Dean: A Monkey With A Gun

Fox News is a propaganda outlet for the Republican party, per Howard Dean. Drudge links to this opinion piece by Lynn Sweet which provides that and a few more comments by the mouth from Vermont.

Of course, the Republican-controlled network may have stepped out of line in 2000 when it was the first to break the story of George W. Bush's DWI arrest. And I'm certain that Chris Wallace's less than gentle treatment of the Administration's reliance on bad intelligence and poor preparation for securing Iraq was the kind of thing to make Republicans happy. But I digress.

Dean simply doesn't like a network that makes Democrats justify the things they believe and the policies they wish to inflict upon us. They have grown so used to softballs that they view critical questions about their policies as personal attacks, hence the vitriol and rage we see from Dean. And while they are equally critical with Republicans, the Republicans are used to it. They have to be able to defend their policies on the merits because the scrutiny of a liberal MSM has forced them to do so. And one would hope that such pressure does not dissipate, as is has kept the Republicans sharp.

Conversely, I would be embarrassed to watch Sen. Mensa, Barbara Boxer, defend anything she believes in positive philosophical terms. It would begin and end with attacks on the Republicans, never really addressing the issue.

But in what seems to be yet another incident where Dean got to enjoy the taste of his shoe polish, our master of the New Testament issues this bit of wisdom: "Let me remind those Republicans,'' he said, that the Bible mentions helping the poor "3,000 times. I have not yet seen gay marriage mentioned in the Bible. That is a Republican issue.''

It's not clear what he means here, but the Bible is very clear about homosexuality, let alone the marriage of homosexuals. Does he advocate treating homosexuals the way the Bible does?

Don't read it, just answer Mr. Chairman & show us just how ignorant you are.


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