Friday, June 17, 2005

Hit Me Baby No More Times

I love 80s music. I can't get enough of it. My wife has forbidden me from getting XM or Sirius which have 80s channels and Fox News, which would meet my radio listening needs for eternity. So she told me that she would be willing to sit through NBC's "Hit Me Baby One More Time" music competition so that I could enjoy 80s music by the original artists who are revisiting their hits of decades past.

It is an unqualified disaster.

Between remake queen Tiffany hitting the stage after a very unkind fifteen years have passed for her, or last night having my heart broken listening to Wang Chung sing "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" without hitting a single note and mercifully sparing the ears of dogs everywhere by cutting them off before they could butcher the high pitched bridge to the song, NBC deserves the "Oh The Humanity" award for airing this truly demonic show. These people can no longer sing, and I will very happily settle with listening to the original recordings rather than being embarrassed for these once great artists. None of them would have survived the first cut for American Idol.

But this is somehow much, much worse than that. Rather than being crummy singers they are showing us that they who were once great have fallen.

I loved Wang Chung.

I'm going to dig up the old recording and cleanse myself tonight. And may God have mercy on NBC for airing this truly disturbing show.


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