Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Hillary Book - Bathroom Tissue Backup

I have always lived in a house with a more or less adequate supply of bathroom tissue. But if there were ever a shortage of it, I'd probably drop the cash for a few copies of Ed Klein's "The Truth About Hillary" to have them handy. But then there's the tricky matter of making them fit on the roll...

Per John Podhoretz (courtesy Powerline), it is an absolute sham. Don't purchase it unless the above-described shortage takes place.

Per Podhoretz, it is rich in sleaze, anonymously sourced, and true or not, it bears little on her fitness for office. Career-destroyer indeed. We have little doubt that Hillary is an empty person, but a book like this tends to limit the effectiveness of real criticism about unscrupulous professional behavior.

Perhaps Ed Klein didn't just do it for the money...


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