Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Frist Is Finally Getting It

This Washington Times article courtesy of RealClearPolitics may indicate that Bill Frist is finally feeling what the rest of us are. He's discovered that amid the obstruction on judges, and now on John Bolton, that the Democrats are not serious about anything other than preventing the Administration from staffing itself with qualified people. They want the Bush Administration to fail, and they care nothing for the cost to Americans.

Perhaps the Constitutional Option is beginning to look more attractive to him, especially given the fact that John McCain is on board to confirm Bolton.

Equally interesting is the presence of the agreement which was reached at the end of May which allowed for the confirmation of various judges. I opposed it, but I had no idea that the Dems would almost immediately start up a new filibuster. The Republicans can now say that they worked with the Democrats in good faith, reached an agreement, and in that same week the Democrats broke the spirit of the agreement by reflexively filibustering the first thing to come to the floor after the agreement was inked--John Bolton's nomination.

Pushing a rule change would then seem like a very reasonable approach, which puts the Democrats in a very uncomfortable bind.

If they "go nuclear" (hence the "nuclear" option) after a rule change, meaning filibuster of every legislative initiative of the president, they won't stop going into the 2006 election cycle. Ken Mehlman and Karl Rove will be waiting for them in November just like they were in 2002, because people hate unprincipled obstruction. This certainly may mean that Bush's plans get delayed, but if Republicans can win five more seats, the Dems won't even have a filibuster. And won't that be a shame.


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