Monday, June 06, 2005

The Fall of Dean?

Just how bad a DNC chair do you have to be to get ousted? According to Newsmax, Dr. Dean may need to go back to practicing medicine in Vermont. During his tenure as the Chairfool of the DNC, he has brought in $14.1 Million, compared to the Republicans' $32.3 Million. Additionally, according to Newsmax's Inside Report, much of those funds came at the behest of John Kerry, asking donors to write checks to the DNC.

Clearly, Dean is alienating Democrat donors, and leading Democrats such as John Edwards and Joe Biden are distancing themselves from in as a result of his penchant for making bombastic, and often socially and politically inappropriate public statements. Dean's predecessor at the DNC, Terry McAuliffe, was almost as terrible a communicator. But for all of McAuliffe's faults (and they were many), he brought in an unbelievable amount of cash to the Democrats' coffers. Dean is simply viewed as a jerk who can do nothing but blow anger and hot air.

It's not like this wasn't predicted when Dean began to pull ahead in the running for the Chairmanship, but the Democrats elected him nonetheless, and that decision seemed to be the only bipartisan thing Dean has ever done. Because I think there were at least as many Republicans applauding Dean's election as there were Democrats.

But dump him or otherwise, the Dems can't ignore the fact that it was they alone who elected this political train wreck to chair their party. His intemperance in both language and attitude is appropriately reflective of the attitudes of many of his party's representatives. And while Edwards and Biden distance themselves from Dean now, they moved left last year in response to what seemed to be major attraction on the part of Dem voters towards the radical positions Dean was holding. Edwards did it for votes, Biden did it for camera time. And especially where Biden is concerned, his disavowance of Dean rings hollow. He plays to the cameras, and he says whatever it takes to make him look important and relevant, neither of which he really is.

So this post is a little sad. I'd hate to see Dean go, as he is always full of surprises, but it seems that the good doctor may be pulling a Kervorkian on his party. Which, of course, will hopefully teach them once and for all that the sixties are over.


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