Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ed Klein, You're No Kitty Kelly

Per Bill Bennett this morning, The Truth About Hillary contains anonymous sourcing for the rape allegation which I discussed here yesterday. Which makes sense, as who would want to be on record as the source for such a thing? But then again, if that even happened, Bill would have a fairly good idea of the people with whom he would have discussed a potential rape. In any case, the account strikes me as pure smear, true or not. This is not the kind of thing we would expect in a work of journalism about this woman's vicious ambition and lack of professional scruples, but rather something we would expect from the poison pen of Kitty Kelly. Paul Mirengoff over at Powerline appears to agree. This tawdry muck is not the kind of thing conservatives should be feeding themselves or others.

We know that the Clintons' marriage is one of convenience--two power hungry people wanting to be in charge of the greatest nation on earth. This should surprise nobody. So as I said, the marriage, beyond understanding its utilitarian value to them, has ancillary relevance if any at all.
Conservatives should simply presume this and be done with it. Our concern needs to be her ethical and professional qualifications (or lack thereof) for holding any further elective office. And if this book is simply a bunch of easy hits against her for creepy things that go on between she and Bill, it will be an utter failure. Because we all believe those things already and it didn't preclude her from getting elected to the Senate from one of the largest states in the Union, nor her husband from being elected twice to the presidency.

And my fear is that if this comes off as a bunch of sleazy anonymous allegations rather than an accurate, cogent and verifiable set of very difficult facts with which Hillary must deal in order to justify re-election to the Senate and elevation to the presidency, she will be largely bulletproof going into 2006. Because much like the Michael Jackson verdict, if the flagship accusations lack credibility, all that follow will likewise fall.

So I will say to Ed Klein...don't waste this!


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