Thursday, June 23, 2005

Democrats Wanting to Make Voting Easier for the Lazy, Stupid

What better compliment can Democrats offer to their poll workers and voters than to suggest that voting standards need to be lowered to accommodate the lazy and stupid.

Check this gem that I found on Drudge. In referencing a report completed by the Democrats on perceived irregularities in Ohio the article noted the following atrocities:
The report cited long lines that discouraged voting, poorly trained election officials and difficulties with registration status, polling locations and absentee ballots.

Oh the humanity. Let me put it this way: Do these same voters feel deterred by long lines at the supermarket? How about the problem of the ditzy cashier? Do they just dump their groceries and go hungry?

Registration...if in doubt, anyone can register at any time (of course not in the hours before an election) Early registration is not just acceptable, it's encouraged. Additionally, the registration form is fairly simple, requiring almost no information. Literacy, however, does help. Keep the little card you get, and if you don't know where your polling place is, you have a year or two to find out where it is, rather than showing up wherever you like and demanding a ballot. It is not asking a lot to expect people to take the responsibility to know these things for themselves.

And there is a certain order to things. People are assigned to certain polling places because ballots differ from neighborhood to neighborhood sometimes. If one doesn't want to play by those rules, society has no need to accommodate their ignorance.

Similarly, the recommendations for the removal of touch screen voting is interesting. I wonder if they found that ballot tampering/box stuffing was difficult with those machines. In that context, the recommendation makes sense for a Democrat to make.

I would suggest a thorough vetting of the voter rolls. Compare them with vital records statistics. Take the dead people off. Take jailed felons off. Take off people who have moved. Then there's that whole matter of verifying that the person receiving the ballot is the person they claim to be. The requirement of a photo ID is not unreasonable. Failing that, utility bills to their address in their name, very recent paystubs with their name and's not asking much. Because one of my least favorite problems is the statistic that always comes back indicating that more people voted than were registered or eligible to vote in a precinct. And it strangely seems to always happen in Democratic areas. And it's not racism, so spare us that now useless wolf-cry.

It's Democratic stupidity. Because the people managing those poll stations are Democrats. Yes. The party in power in that neighborhood controls it. So essentially, Democrats were upset because other Democrats did a lousy job managing the poll sites. Republicans have nothing to do with that.

One last point. Why Ohio? Why not Wisconsin? Why not Pennsylvania? Those states were very, very narrowly won by Kerry. And as I've posted before, Wisconsin is the site of a number of investigations into voter irregularities and intimidation, as well as ballot box stuffing. Same with Pennsylvania which was an even closer state than Ohio where the lights at the Republicans headquarters were shut down in Pittsburgh, but oddly, the Dems across the street had theirs, as well as ballot boxes in Philadelphia found with ballots in them even before voting began on the morning of the election. Vote early and often, I guess.

These "investigations" seek to cast a lack of legitimacy on the results of the election and blame Democrat incompetence on Republicans. If people are losing faith in the election system it is because the Dems insist on toying with the process in order to guarantee their favored outcome in close elections. If you have any question about that, look at Florida 2000 when Gore did everything to re-work the election to his favor, but failed, and to Washington State in 2004 where they actually pulled off the steal with everyone watching.

Election reform is needed. And it needs to simply guarantee each person votes only once. And notice that it's the Dems that drag their feet on it.


The comment from Fluffy Bunny misses numerous points about the fundamentals of voting. When there is a long line to vote, the people being "disenfranchised" are the victims of their own neighbors who are actually casting ballots and were at the back of the line once themselves. We are not required to make corrections for people's impatience. Voting is a right to exercise just as much as it is one to disregard. If people deem that it is not in their interests to wait, they can make the silly choice to leave. Or they can do what I have done, which is go during off-peak hours. It is also, regrettably, a system operated by humans, a species known to be fallible. But there is the perfect solution if one cannot afford the time to stand in line...order an absentee ballot, understand the instructions, and mail it in in a timely fashion. No lines.

And where my logic is concerned, there is nothing pro or anti-market about voting, and sometimes people do have to wait. Humans do not have the inclination, responsibility or resources to accommodate the incessant grievances of the chronically unsatisfied. If people want to wait, they will. If not, they won't. It's part of life to wait in line, and yes, even to vote. We learned that in kindergarten if not before.

As far as fault for fraud, that lays squarely upon those who commit it, as observers, Republican or otherwise, aren't going to spot a fake ID unless they're bartenders in their spare time. But a stuffed box, like in Philly, is likely the mischief of the poll workers. And to have fraud on the level of votes beyond the number of eligible voters in a precinct requires and is evidence of sophisticated criminal activity. It takes stuffed ballot boxes with significant numbers of ballots to pull of a fraud like that. Joe Six Pack can't procure ballots like that. It takes someone with access to the inner workings of the system.

I do not buy any of these complaints or any of these faux solutions. This is yet another effort on the part of Democrats to loosen voting standards, and frankly, I find it a shamelessly pregnant admission that they don't care about and even prefer illegal voting.

The Dems cannot come up with instances of ballot stuffing on the part of Republicans. The only thing they can point to is disgruntled and whiny people who aren't patient, don't want to follow directions and don't want to obey laws designed to prevent fraud or error.

And if certain persons cannot tolerate the social norm of waiting in line, following very simple directions and obeying the law like 99% of the rest of the voting population, then yes, perhaps its best of they stay home. We are not here to coddle the willing ignorant.


Blogger Fluffy Bunny said...

There are reasonable lines and there are unreasonable lines. Are you arguing that having to stand in line for hours is reasonable? Do you think people would stand in line for hours to buy groceries? Grocery stores are acutely aware that people would not tolerate standing in lines for hours to buy groceries.

In an age when government agencies (including election officials) are starting to treat their constituents as customers who deserve the best service available, you are making the counter argument? Take what you get and be happy with it?

Your logic borders on anti-free market, anti-capitalism.

As far as your claim that the party in power is to blame for instances where more people voted than were registered, that is not a very sound argument. In most states, the election laws allow representatives from both major parties to be present and to challenge voters. Thus, the blame can be spread around.

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fluffy Bunny,
I think Peter addressed most of your comment but I did want to add a quick comment on the long lines analogy to a grocery store. Grocery stores ARE aware that people would not tolerate long lines only because their competitors have short lines. If all the grocery stores had long lines people most certainly would stand in line because that was one of the prices to be paid to get food.

10:19 AM  

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