Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Death Camp Cuisine

Powerline posted a link to the House Armed Services Committee website which has the menu for the prisoners (not the soldiers, and not the officers...) at Gitmo.

And it is shocking. Of course, they may want to remove the reference to one of our Founding Fathers from one of the menu items. "Noodles Jefferson" might be more appropriately changed to "Noodles bin Laden" (or Noodles Annan or Chirac?), to avoid offending their sophisticated palates, but I digress.

I don't eat this well. And people don't have to be fed like this to remain healthy. Fruits, veggies, bread, ground beef, chicken, nuts, and eggs. And it doesn't have to be cooked to perfection to be wholesome and nutritional.

For crying out loud, these are the most disrespectful brigands to walk the earth. They throw their excrement at our soldiers who are guarding them. Our own U.S. citizen prisoners are not treated this well in our jails. And we have to be careful that their holy book remains pure and unsoiled? Does that duty extend to preventing them from soiling themselves?

Would that American prisoners be exiled to Gitmo and that these dirtbags be sent to San Quentin. Call it a "cultural exchange program". It would awaken many a terrorist to reality.


Blogger Terry G. said...

Good food and torture are not mutually exclusive.

Your reasoning, however, is tortured.

Is it not possible, we house and feed these people under admirable conditons, while at the same time, employ torture to gain intelligence?

That intelligence being of questionable value based on the methods employed.

12:07 PM  

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