Thursday, June 02, 2005

Dean - Republicans Are Making Cheating Difficult

Trey Jackson has clips from Howard Dean's latest pontification. In short he accuses Republicans of, of course, disenfranchising blacks. All blacks apparently have to stand in line for about 8 hours to vote. Now, to be fair to the DNC Chair, he meant to say that Democrats (and Democrat blacks) have to wait quite some time to vote. Fair enough.

But to clarify this ad nauseum, it is DEMOCRATS who control the election apparatus in predominantly DEMOCRATIC areas. Republicans would be stoned for coming anywhere near a Democrat-controlled polling place. Clear enough?

And to avoid the lines, these poor time-strapped Democrats are welcome to file absentee ballots rather than waiting in line for eight hours.

But perhaps Dr. Dean mans that these Democrats cannot, without significant personal inconvenience, get away with casting more than one ballot. Because the trick ballot box has been a significant tool in their electoral strategy. Check Florida 2000 where it didn't work, Chicago 1960 where it did, and the Washington governor's race in 2004 where it worked. Spare me your crocodile tears Chairman Dean.

Republicans have a right not to have their votes cancelled by Democrat cheaters.

And note that no Democrats will come out to voice opposition. Dean is their Chairman. And they are more or less just fine with that.


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