Monday, June 13, 2005

The Cost of Being a Grifter

Michael Jackson is free. And it's really not that much of a surprise. The jury found the state's witnesses, a family of scam artists, to lack any significant credibility. Not that they believed that Michael Jackson was the kind of person you'd leave your kids with, but that these people with a history of flim-flam schemes had cried wolf once too many times. They didn't want to convict the man on these people's testimony.

But what about Michael? I think the guy is permanently damaged goods. Sure, we all knew he was a freak, but this was the man of Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, and the like. Things could be excused. But too many allegations about molestation have surrounded him, and he paid a literal fortune in the 1990s to keep a kid quiet. You can fool a jury, but you can't fool a nation. He might not want to try another tour for quite some time.

In a sense, they both lost. Michael was by no means exonerated. He was just acquitted. And these grifters were tossed out as the phonies they are. The fact that they might have told the truth this time matters not a bit. They are owed no trust, and they should work by the sweat of their brow for the rest of their lives, as they have taken advantage of the generosity of others for the last time. Michael paid them no hush money, so they lost.

A pox on them both.


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