Friday, June 17, 2005

Chicago Tribune - Comes Close to Getting it Right, Falls Flat on Face

Here is today's response to Dick Durbin's now infamous comments from his home paper, the Chicago Tribune.

Sure, they make his comments out to be stupid, foot-in-mouth kinds of things. Their conclusion is to ignore him for this blatant publicity stunt. Swing and a miss.

We've been ignoring this garbage. Bloggers will post just so the comments are known, and so that the public can judge. Air America and Daily Kos let some pretty fetid stuff fly, but that's what they do. Howard Dean did it during the election and is doing it all the more so as DNC chair. Not a great representative for his party nor for their bank accounts, but he's their choice and they are a private organization.

But then we have the brain trust known as the Senate Democrats. Senator Mensa (Boxer) is quick to fly into a rage on the floor of the Senate accusing Administration appointees of being extremists, Charles Schumer likened a black woman judge to a klan member before the Senate confirmed her. Pat Leahy makes a fool of himself talking about Bush's social Security Plan on Meet the Press. Hillary Clinton accuses him of consolidating power to abuse it for his own extreme ends. It's all the stuff of abject desperation. Let 'em say it, get a laugh at their expense and move on. The Baby Boomer sixties protesters are now all grown up (physically, that is), have taken control of the Democratic party, and are doing a great job of driving it into extinction with the same tried-and-failed hairbrained philosophies that make them as much of the goofy caricatures today as they were then when they were hippies protesting the sun as it rose and set.

Now, they hold public office. They are held to a higher standard. Durbin has the absolute right to be a complete fool because soldiers fought and died over two centuries to give him that right. But that right needs to be exercised prudently--if at all--by a United States Senator, let alone a member of the leadership.

Ignoring Barbara Boxer is one thing. She has met and passed her era of relevance (presuming she had one). She is now fit only for the opening skit on Saturday Night Live.

But Dick Durbin is indeed a bigwig in the Senate. And statements like this can't be allowed to slide. The abusive rhetoric is one thing. But likening our soldiers to genocidists in time of war is indecent. Refusing to back off of those statements is scandalous.

Don't ignore him. Reprimand him. Because irresponsible talk has its consequences. It's time for a censure.


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