Monday, June 27, 2005

Busy, Busy Day

We are looking at at least one Supreme Court retirement, and possibly more, which would be huge news.

We are preparing for a major policy speech from the President tomorrow night.

I think this summer will be fairly hot, and I think the hottest place will be the well of the Senate.

This will be one of the most significant summers and falls in the history of modern politics. The Dems are in trouble and the smart ones know it. The President risks trouble for himself, and thereby his party, and knows it if he cannot get his message to the people who re-elected him.

A war in the Senate on at least one justice is nearly certain. If no retirement happens, then we have very real problems. Rehnquist will avoid retiring only because he fears that his absence from the court and the failure to appoint a new justice will tip the scales more left, (given the "growth" or softening, depending upon your point of view, of Anthony Kennedy, who is sliding further and further Stevens-ward) and especially if he sees a heavily political docket next term. Which wouldn't be a problem is there was not an equal risk of his death from cancer.

And the President must, must, must communicate real fact-based success in Iraq tomorrow night, as well as how the current posture affects the outlook of our planning for the war. We need a very real and specific vision. And then we need the gloves to come off with the left. He then needs to force a change in the dialogue, such as it is in Washington. He needs to put the irresponsible rhetoric like we heard from Ted Kennedy last week regarding a "quagmire" and the irresponsible people speaking it directly at odds with the soldiers who are fighting this war. It kills morale, and undermines our objectives in Iraq. There is no question that people like Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and Howard Dean, want to see this effort fail. The President should demand that detractors provide specific untainted and unfiltered evidence of a deterioration or intractability of the situation. He needs to establish a burden of proof and a political cost on the left for this very destructive talk.

This will be an interesting two days.


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