Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Boo Stinking Hoo

Dick Durbin delivered a sniveling and tearful apology. Thank you, and spare me hypocrisy.

Take another look at Hugh Hewitt's excellent review of Durbin's original statement and then subsequent refusals to back off of that statement.

But as I said earlier, one only apologizes when they mean to convey regret and repentance. It's not like this guy missed the effect of his words, or their usefulness to Al Jazeera which is indeed the voice of the enemy (you aren't one of the good guys when you are the chosen source for the airing of bin Laden tapes and videos of civilians being beheaded).

It makes me wonder if Harry Reid saw this as an opening for an effective Republican attack and had a "discussion" with Durbin about the risks his intemperate remarks carried, indicating that same may cost him the whip position. But that's just my guess.

But I simply cannot accept this as a genuine act of repentance. He meant what he said. He had several opportunities over several days to back off of his comments and he chose not to do so, but instead held fast to them in defiance.

Apology is an expression of regret for offense to others. He regrets the consequence to him. That's not repentance, it's a political maneuver. And it will certainly work, as the media will consider this resolved. But Durbin meant what he said. He is soft on our enemies. He is hard on our military. He wants to undercut the Administration's efforts to keep us safe in the name of political gain for his party. Remember it for 2006. And for 2008, as his party didn't remove him from office.

It's not about security, but about who is providing it. And there had better be a "D" after that person's name if the methods are to be considered acceptable.


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