Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Biden - Trying to Disqualify Himself Already

If there is anyone whose advice the Bush administration would probably take least seriously on the War in Iraq, it is the Senior Senator from Delaware, Joseph Biden (D-DE). His offer, part of a de facto campaign speech as detailed in this very fun to read Washington Post article which I found on Drudge. It's this kind of thing that gets embarrassing attention for a candidate, not the person whom he is criticizing. Biden need only keep this up if he wants to end his campaign for President early.

The suggestion that the Bush Administration take national defense advice from Joe Biden, aside of being completely hysterical and making him look like a complete fool, is an equally poor campaign stunt. Biden is trying to scoot to parity with Hillary Clinton. The problem for him is the same for John Kerry. He isn't all that likeable, except to himself.

Biden is a "guy smiley" type. He has a gigantic grin that he flashes at cameras every time he is in front of them (which is as often as possible), and makes a fairly phony appearance. He's not believable, and he really does not communicate much in the way of intellect. He races for a headline shot and a sound bite, but really does not offer much in the way of an intellectual assessment of issues. It was Biden who saw what he felt was an easy target in John Bolton. So he paraded out hearsay witnesses and Barbara Boxer's suggestions for anger management as reasons to derail his appointment. It was a less than convincing attack to which Biden very willingly attached his name. And Bolton has the votes to win, as evidenced by the failed cloture vote and the fact that the Republicans are peeling off a few Democrats to boot.

Contrast him with the infinitely more slick and intelligent Hillary Clinton who he is trying to outpace. Hillary will survive this new book if it is the smutfest it appears to be, and if anything, will come out looking even more classy. Make no mistake, she is no moderate, and she is indeed an opportunistic hatchetwoman. She would make a very dangerous president for our republic. But she has a certain very salient personal appeal and I don't think that we'll ever see the end of Hillary, much like we'll never see the end of Bill. There are cats who wish that they had as many lives as these two have already had. Biden, who is technically a much more appealing candidate from a moderate's point of view loses the battle because he comes off as a doltish self-promoter.

Hillary may be disqualified from office because she will likely be effectively portrayed as the power-hungry leftist she is. Her opponents will respect her, though. Biden will just be laughed out of the race.


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