Monday, June 20, 2005

Biden - Telling Cameras That Nothing Is Happening Yet

Joe Biden has just announced that he is running for President in 2008. So it seems that the Democrats have a sure thing at getting Delaware's three electoral votes.

But then he says that he is not running just yet.

He says that he wants to be certain that he can raise enough money and attract enough support, and that he will run if he thinks he can pull it off. So what he meant is that he is forming an exploratory committee, like just about every candidate for public office does quietly. The difference is that Joe Biden, as usual, wants to make a big deal of it and get on TV.

I think he has a shot. It's about time that America had a press-hungry self-promoting egomaniac president. Wait...we did that in the 1990s and then we shot down two more guys who were much the same. The other problem for Biden is that Clinton was personally likeable.

And that huge grin just doesn't make you think of someone you want to have over for a brew.


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