Saturday, May 07, 2005

School Administrators - One Size Fits All

Schools are clamping down on cell phone use, which is entirely appropriate. Students are not to be texting or receiving calls or messages during the school day, as it would infringe upon their attention at school.

But what happens when you need to make an exception? If you ask this kid (courtesy Drudge) the answer is nothing. No exceptions. Granted, he wanted to talk to his mom in Iraq, who called on the spur of the moment, but to the teacher who caught him and to the principal, that just didn't matter. Nor could they understand the boy's fairly predictable and justifiable emotional response to being cut off from his mother in harm's way.

One size fits all with these people, so the student was suspended for the rest of the school year and now faces summer school, as he was trying (and succeeding) at the time to bring his grades up. But at least the school held fast to the rules. Because people exist to follow rules, right?


Blogger That Dude said...

Sound slike the principal was incapable of using judgment. In the private sector we have a saying....

As a leader you're supposed to do what's right, as opposed to doing the right things.

2:44 PM  
Blogger jwb said...

Crucifying the school administration in this instance is a little misplaced.

From the article you linked to, "Francois admitted he was partially at fault for his behavior but said he should have been allowed to talk to his mother.

'I was mad at the time, but I feel now maybe I should've went about it differently,' he said. 'Maybe I should've just waited outside to pick up the phone. But I don't I feel I should've changed any of my actions. I feel I was right by not hanging up the phone.'"

All the parties involved could have handled this better.

Although I am not a school administrator, I am sympathetic to the no-win situations that they find themselves in these days. They are alternatively criticized for being too strict and rigid, and then not being rigid enough.

8:30 AM  

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