Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Podhoretz on "The Deal"

John Podhoretz left this post at The Corner about his take on the nuclear fizzle. John's theory is right on. I couldn't agree more. That's exactly the understanding with which the Senators left the meeting room.

But here's the way it will play out. William Rehnquist, as a result of continuing health problems will either retire or die. A new appointment will be made. If anyone thinks Bush will appoint anyone but a committed originalist, they're nuts. And then the Democrats will open up the same rhetoric which they did for the "extremist" judges whom they just graciously allowed to have a floor vote, as a prelude to a filibuster. The filibuster will commence, and the Republicans will declare the deal broken by the Dems and will proceed to reduce the votes needed to invoke cloture. No surprises so far.

But then the Democrats will scream in the presence of the media that it was the Republicans who broke the deal (by renewing the Constitutional Option), and the media will portray it as such, with the Republicans as the power-hungry bad guys and the Dems as the good-faith victims of Republican treachery. Putting us in a worse position than we were before this absolutely stupid deal was inked last night.

This deal depends upon the Democrats acting in good faith, but frankly, I cannot trust these Democrats, and the Republicans are stupid to do it. They'll break the agreement when it suits them and then blame the Republicans for being the dealbreakers when they seek to protect their interests.



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