Friday, May 20, 2005

On Darth Bush

Following on the previous post, I can tell you that contrary to the claims of a few chattering media morons, Revenge of the Sith is not a movie that comments on the Bush Administration, the Iraq war, or anything else to which we have parallels today. So no, it was not The Manchurian Candidate all over again.

Notwithstanding the left's desire to cast Bush as Vader, Palpatine, or whomever else, Lucas had this story in mind more than two decades before Bush became the bane of the pink.

And if they want to still argue the matter, I can just as easily argue that Palpatine with his smiling lies that the Jedi were wanting to take over the Senate and the galaxy, is much like our many Democratic Senators who call judges who are true to the law with sincere religious beliefs "extremists" who want to take over the nation and put us in a Biblical theocracy. So it could go both ways.

And I hope that those politically absorbed fools could set aside the paranoia and actually go to the movie and enjoy it for what it was, rather than looking for a message that just wasn't there.


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