Monday, May 23, 2005

Newsweek - Unretracted

Check this article from Newsweek which was on Drudge. It seems that Newsweek really, really believes that the U.S. military disrespects the Koran on a regular basis. So rather than report that it happened in the absence of good sourcing (which they did earlier), Newsweek essentially re-reports the same story, but this time makes very clear that all of the reports are unconfirmed. Which may conflict just a little with this expression of apology and policy change. So this is how they get around it.

But read carefully to find out what is considered "disrespect". The thing needs to be stored in special sterile cloth, can only be physically handled in certain ways, and it may never fall to the floor, etc. But the same outrage does not apply when the prisoners are desecrating their own Korans by shredding them and putting them into a toilet.

We are not about offending people and mocking others' religions, but then again, we are not responsible for satisfying every nuance the Islamists and their apologists in the media demand we observe.

But let's be clear about those with whom we are dealing. These are not respectable foreign dignitaries who wish to peaceably deal with us. These are dangerous international terrorists who want to kill us. They are imprisoned on an island so that they cannot be reached by their comrades and where they will be unable to exert any influence. Granted, deliberate damaging and destruction of their holy book is intolerable, but it is unreasonable and in fact, outrageous to waste time and ink reporting that Korans end up on floors, on top of TVs, or that "unclean" hands touch them. These people are not being tortured when such things happen, and to elevate the term "torture" to include anything to which a prisoner may take or claim to take offense on religious or cultural grounds is patently unfair, and reflective of a pro-terrorist bias. Because nobody in the media complains when a Christian kid is told that he cannot pray during free time at a public school funded by the same taxpayers who bought the Korans for the Gitmo prisoners.

Nice clean-up job Newsweek.


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