Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Loony Left - Keeping it Civil

It seems that Harry Reid is fitting quite nicely into the Daschle playbook for the Senate. He calls the President a loser (thanks to Drudge for the link). He then apologized. Save the apologies. Your words were from the heart. Same for Babs Streisand, who scratched out this must-read which, surprise, compares Bush to many things, including Herman Goering of Nazi fame and flips out because Bush takes his faith seriously.

So my question becomes what the heck has Bush done to generate such nasty press against him? In his most recent press conference, the question came up as to why Bush is generating such unusually negative press. His answer was fairly revealing. He said that he came to Washington to change the tone, and for his part, he behaved in a civil way towards political opponents. And he still does. And that's all there really was to say.

But Bush cannot be blamed for the unwillingness of members of the Democratic party, the loony left of Hollywood, and the more primped left of the mainstream media to be civil. True enough, they disagree with him and would have preferred a different man (or woman) in the White House.

And while I find the kind of rhetoric dribbled across the airwaves by Pat Leahy to which I pointed earlier in the week, to be over the top, given the fact that it is a gross and knowing mischaracterization of the President's positions on social security and judges, it's part of the political game when one side is on the ropes, and it can be lived with. But the personal attacks are just intolerable. And the president can't be blamed for failing to change these reprobate and perpetually unhappy hearts and minds.

There is nothing that will change the tone of Washington other than the left, namely the Schumers, Pelosis, Kennedys, Leahys, Boxers, Clintons, Reids, Durbins, Levins, Byrds, Rockefellers and Bidens, as well as the biased mainstream media accepting the fact that they are no longer in control and that the American people by and large fear their irreligious, statist, immoral, and in many cases unpatriotic outlook on America, which promises to further marginalize them in elections to come.

So keep up the creepy behavior. Those of us on the right are only to happy to highlight it.


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