Monday, May 16, 2005

The Level of Candor

Howard Dean rolled open the garage door to his gigantic maw on Saturday with this bit of slander, suggesting that Tom DeLay return to Texas to serve out a prison term. The only problem with that is that little technicalities like being charged or indicted have never taken place. It's just a bunch of allegations at this point. But it sounds naughty, and to the Dems, it needs to remain front page news because of the "seriousness of the charges". But Dean crossed the line. Barney Frank of all people took umbrage at Dean's remarks, noting that they were over the top, despite the fact that he is no fan of DeLay.

I say all of this to show a sort of benchmark as to how far the Dems have come (or gone...). They hate Republican policies but offer no alternatives. Social security is the current issue where they approach the table emptyhanded, but last year's election was an all-around embarrassment. They told us how horrible Bush was, but offered no alternative to Iraq (which at this stage doesn't seem to need one), opposed the Patriot Act, and proposed turning over our sovereignty to the U.N. when it came to national defense. They block progress in the Senate on judges, offering only the judges' respective faiths as bases for preventing a simple majority vote on their appointments. The only opposition they offer are personal attacks. Dean hates Republicans, and the left hates Bush. But as this last link notes, they can't tell us why.

These folks are steadily coming unglued. We knew that they were mean spirited, but when all they can offer are personal smears, it's time that we look long and hard at another vote cast for them.


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