Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Is Bill Cosby becoming a "black leader"?

Bill Cosby doesn't seem to have been off his rocker when he made comments last year at an event celebrating Brown v. Board of Education.

I caught this from RealClearPolitics yesterday which evidences a potential shift in race politics. If you'll recall, Cosby made some remarks which were roundly unpopular with Kweisi Mfume and Julian Bond, namely that urban blacks bear significant responsibility for the condition in which they find themselves. Between parents who have no regard for moral or behavioral standards to kids who know better but don't care, Cosby let loose.

The message he offers is indeed a hard one where he tells folks who have been convinced for three generations that they will never achieve personal and economic successes that they must persevere and work past failure.

And it's very hard to say that me message will catch on, because many folks don't want to hear that they bear some responsibility for their misery. It's just so much easier to blame someone else. But there are others to blame, namely the "gentlemen" of the race industry who see reparations and government handouts as the key to urban black prosperity. But the only ones who prosper economically are these so-called black leaders, so it is in their personal financial interests to keep the abysmal status quo.

Cosby stands to take quite a beating for peddling his viewpoint. But it is a viewpoint that needs to be owned by many in the black community. Because Kweisi Mfume, Julian Bond, Charles Ogletree, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the like have done nothing but deepen the divide between blacks and whites in America. And if black poverty were drastically reduced by adoption of the kinds of values espoused by Cosby, the aforementioned individuals would have nothing left to do. And if the rest of black America were prosperous, it wouldn't bother me too much to see these gentlemen working paycheck to paycheck for the very people they failed when they claimed to lead.

Cosby is immensely successful through his own efforts. And he's someone we all can follow as a leader. Not just blacks.


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