Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Inches Isn't Progress...

...unless you're a slug. And neither is the current deal in the Senate, and I've rather tired of hearing about the silver linings in it from some conservatives. Certainly we got three judges the price of four others. Two were thrown to the sharks in this deal and two who went home after they had endured watching their characters smeared on the national scene by certain Democrats with no room to talk. Three for seven is not a win.

And confirming judges (or failing to do so by a majority vote) was pretty routine stuff up to 2001. But given that we couldn't move on them because the Democrats raised the bar to 60 votes to confirm judges who were...well...not Democrats, anything is viewed as progress by obstruction-jaded observers.

By way of example, my ladies' high school softball team was the thing of mockery legend. They most often lost games because of the "slaughter rule", having never scored a run. A couple of points per season was a good result. Then after a coaching change, things were a bit different. Then scoring a few runs per game was considered great (despite continued slaughter due to weak fielding). But those very small and pitiful changes were welcomed as progress.

So to those who consider this a victory, remember that that is a relative measurement. We've put up with five years of Democrat bullying. This is not progress, not did we win. And if you want to see it a different way, check this.

The deal gave the Democrats real power as a result of their misbehavior, as opposed to the stripping of power as a consequence of misuse through the nuclear option.

Congrats again to the gang of seven. Tom Daschle is smiling back in South Dakota.


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