Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Going to Print With the Media We Have

We saw it in September, and we're seeing it again. It seems that the media is circling the wagons in the wake of the Newsweek "Koran Abuse" story. Yesterday, Terry Moran, ABC's White House correspondent attacked Scott McClellan for White House statements requesting that Newsweek clean up the mess it made.

Drudge is the only one I can find making any report on this, and his is particularly good, including a Darth Vader shot and all.

Moran (check Moran, America-hater, here), asked McClellan, "With respect, who made you the editor of Newsweek?" And then it all fell from there. Numerous other reporters, including who I believe to be Elisabeth Bumiller of NYT (here and here are samples of her objectivity) jumped on McClellan, furious at his suggestion that Newsweek accurately report on how the U.S. military has procedures for the handling of the Koran in order to correct the damage to the American image that their false article created.

The most amazing thing here is the arrogance displayed by these MSM members when encouraged to do the right thing. They are not concerned with the accuracy of their reporting nearly as much as their "freedom" to report whatever the heck they want. And while they are free to say what they like, this display of false righteousness by Moran and company is telling. They want to be able to communicate a particular point of view, not an accurate set of facts. And they actually bristled at the implication that they report a positive story about America and its military that was entirely true and accurate in order to correct a misperception that America was insensitive to persons of faith.

Our mainstream media is broken. They are so eager to present an anti-American viewpoint that they will omit facts and believe incorrect and uncorroborated accounts in order to make Americans believe that the Bush Administration is evil, that an America that protects its people and topples threatening dictators is bad, and that mainstream American values are quaint and plebian. But that is what you get when you have a media that is saturated with elitists from the left who are more concerned with viewpoint and territory rather than accuracy.


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