Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Cost of the Filibuster

Don Hawthorne has a piece over at Anchor Rising that deals with the very unfortunate personal costs which the Dems and the left in general are paying to maintain the filibuster. The short of it is that they are mortgaging their name by plowing new ground that crosses the bounds of civility.

As I've said before, the obnoxious kids of the 1960s who protested anything that moved and who rioted at the Democratic National Convention in 1968 are the same folk who are slandering people based upon their faith, applying labels (racist, liar, extremist, etc), stirring up emotion rather than reasonably debating, and refusing to offer legitimate policy alternatives based in reality. They never grew up, and it appears that they never got past ideas that were disproved across the globe throughout the late 20th Century.

But now they can't write it off as being young and stupid. They hold elective office and other positions of public responsibility. Their behavior can only be explained as the natural result of either abject stupidity or a willing disregard of moral and ethical principles. And judging by the rhetoric I've been hearing, I'd believe either.


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