Thursday, May 05, 2005

Coming Unglued

Scott Johnson over at Powerline has two must-read posts here and here, about recent Ann Coulter campus visits. His point is that leftist students have abandoned all appearances of civility when it comes to political debate, and are resorting to the use of unprotected forms of expression and more ominously, belligerent physical acts against conservatives. The problem is that school administrators (especially in the case of St. Thomas University where Coulter was) and other mainstream liberals are not coming out to vociferously oppose the use of violence and socially inappropriate language and other forms of expression. In the case of St. Thomas University, it was Coulter who was blamed for inciting the students with what they described as "hate speech". For those without a clue, hate speech is the new watchword for any expression of ideas with which a leftist disagrees.

I spoke about this breakdown of social discourse here last week, but I've run into a few interesting developments.

Scott Johnson links to this blogger who provides something that I had been hoping to find, which is an assessment from a psychological perspective as to where the left is going. He believes that they're headed towards the use of violence as a political tool. They are showing signs of intellectual breakdown and preparing to use that which the unintelligent use to get their points across.

But the Harper's article referenced in this NRO piece takes the cake. It refers to Christians as "Dominionists" and describes a conspiracy on the part of Christians to turn our nation into a church-state. While I cannot find a link to the actual article, and am categorically unwilling to send any money to Harper's, one can simply replace the words "Christian" and "Dominionist" with the word "Jew" to get an idea of historical parallels to this kind of hate speech. Again, the left remains silent in the face of what is essentially hate speech directed at a group of people, based solely on their religion.

The deafening silence from those on the left says quite a lot about them, the mainstream media, and the Democratic party that they will not decry this kind of behavior. And just so we're clear, in matter such as these, silence implies acquiescence. And it is frankly ominous when an article like the one in Harper's, a mainstream liberal publication, can put forth unintellectual hate propaganda rivaling the best work of Joseph Goebbels.

For the left to regain any credibility, they need to do the socially and politically responsible thing. They need to speak against this kind of behavior any time it happens. Don't expect it, though.


Blogger That Dude said...

Do u think that wackjob at the Coulter thing should've been arrested? I would've done the sensible thing and take him out back and beat him down, on the downlow.

10:06 AM  

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