Wednesday, May 25, 2005

As Intemperate as Voinovich?

Anyone hear George Voinovich (R-OH) sniveling on the Senate floor last night about the new diplo-monster John Bolton? Jonathan Last posts this all-inclusive piece at Galley Slaves regarding Voinovich's history of having a cool and moderate head. Listen to the linked recording. Voinovich indulged in a nausea inducing plea that the Senate more critically examine John Bolton's nomination because his no-nonsense approach may somehow create disaster...and maybe work to the detriment of the senator's family, like someone violating a federal no-fly restriction because his ego demanded it.

By way of hearsay, I heard someone on Sean Hannity yesterday say that he was a staffer for then-Gov. Voinovich who witnessed a few instances where Voinovich lit up a few employees when they goofed from time to time. Nothing wrong with whipping the horses, but plenty wrong with accusing others of the very evil you commit. And for the record, I get away with the use of hearsay because Joe Biden did with his witness at Bolton's hearing.

As a final note, the Dems are trying to pull a hail Mary on him, by smearing anything they can on him. Message? Democrats (and apparently some liberal Republicans) think that only Madeline Albright trained and approved Democrats should be in the diplomatic corps.


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