Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Why the Battle for Judges Matters

My post yesterday about the need for the Republicans in the Senate to break the filibuster of Bush's judges set forth the immediate appearance of things in the Senate. Bill Frist is in a very bad position. He allowed the Dems to define the terms of the argument (Republicans changing rules in the middle of the game, calling it the "Nuclear Option", etc.) all the while hoping that the Dems would be kind and come around to his viewpoint. it's time the Frist get serious with the Democrats and break the culture of appeasement which we had hoped would end with the removal of Trent Lott.

Today, John Hinderaker in the Daily Standard gives us the stakes of the judicial battle (thanks to RCP).

The left is out to change the Constitution. They don't want to amend it, but rather change it through judges writing opinions that reflect a change in the law because of a change in mores or philosophies which the left feels that everyone would accept or should adopt. But take a look at what they want to do.

The Founders granted us "freedoms from", meaning freedoms from interference by government, so that we were free to do pursue the lives which we felt were best. Granted, our consequences were our own, but that only encouraged people to behave wisely. And it worked. We are the most prosperous society in the world and have been for a century. But these leftist scholars want us to shoulder the burden of everyone else's poor decisions, and thus spread wealth across the board. So rather than a government of "freedoms from", we get "rights to" government largesse.

It's really the same old song they have sung since Karl Marx wrote his Communist Manifesto over 150 years ago. They are socialists. They want to do away with the incentives that each of us have in this economy to do better, work harder, and be smarter. They want us dependent upon them because they believe that they know better than we do how to live our lives. They want to ration our access to goods and services. Read Hinderaker's article again if you don't believe me.

The left wants to change your life through the courts (i.e. have judges abuse their power) because they know that they cannot affect a change in the law through the means provided in our Constitution and those of the various states. In other words, they want to break the law to make the law. And their strategy presumes that the majority of Americans would want nothing to do with the form of government they are trying to cram down our throats. They are knowingly advocating a tyranny of the minority. It means that they don't care what you think.

And you thought the battle for judges didn't matter.


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