Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Unreal Sports Hooliganism

We've all had our laughs about fan violence at European soccer games. It's a time for fans to sit back, relax, and violate the social contract by engaging some well intentioned rioting and pummelling of others.

But this (courtesy of Drudge) takes the cake. After an unpopular call, fans began throwing various things onto the field that are often found in the stands, like plastic drink bottles, and of course, numerous road flares. After an understandable panic, the players returned to the field only to be greeted by, yes, more road flares. Apparently the disappointed fans had not exhausted their supply.

What gets me is that these flares were all over the place, meaning that quite a few people had them and were throwing them onto the field. It makes you wonder if dangerous pyrotechnics are normal equipment in fans' bags, given that plenty of them were confiscated prior to the match.

As a result, Italy is cracking down on sports violence. But I think they should wait until fans are launching mortar rounds onto the field.


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