Friday, April 01, 2005

Sandy Berger - Another Clinton Roadkill

Former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger is going to plead guilty to charges that he took classified documents from the National Archives while he was preparing for his 9/11 Commission testimony.

The problem here is that this was not as innocent as we were led to believe by Mr. Berger. One does not stuff documents in his jacket, down his pants and in his socks when one makes an "honest mistake" as he claims.

But I think that Mr. Berger's intent was to do something a little more innocent (and abysmally stupid) than the espionage to which some more excitable Republicans have alluded.

He was out to preserve the Clinton record on terrorism. Those documents likely contained comments that reflected a lack of concern on the part of the Clinton Administration towards terror in general and Al Qaida in particular. Because any revelation of that sort would be embarrassing and would rip the veneer off of Clinton's (and thereby his own) already weak foreign policy record.

So down Berger goes. My only concern is the terms of the plea. I would have required a lifetime revocation of his clearance rather than the three years which has been proposed. Because being a sneak like that with classified documents proves that he cannot be trusted with state secrets. Despite that, I'm certain CNN and MSNBC would be delighted to keep him on retainer as a consultant.


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