Monday, April 25, 2005

Political Depression

Tom Bevan's remarks about a book which argues that we've gotten into a psychobabble driven culture are perfect.

There is certainly a place for psychological and psychiatric help in our society. Marriages need help, tragedies happen, and there are people who live with objective clinical problems that are properly treated with appropriate medication and therapy. But the problem becomes when the daily challenges of life are elevated to crises and justification for failure, and the realities of life are ignored in favor of an irrational over-emotionalized persecution complex.

And the fact that many Democrats are depressed as a result of the election is quite expected because the personal is indeed the political with them. They have no coping mechanism to deal with the radioactive reservoir of hate and despair in which they live. The outlet that the election provided is now gone, with all of their primal rage spent to no good end. W remains in the Oval Office. And, as liberals will do, they create the name of a condition (Post Election Selection Trauma), the acronym for which seems more politically motivated than treatment directed.

Republicans were none too pleased after Bush 41 lost in November 1992. But we dealt with it, complained and moaned, but then at the next opportunity, we did something extraordinary. We didn't just score a win in the off year election of 1994, we worked what amounted to an electoral tsunami. The people expelled Democratic governors from state houses across the nation in favor of Republicans with the same old self-empowering ideas they had always had, Republicans took back the Senate after losing it in 1986, and for the first time in over forty years, retook the House of Representatives. Then several conservative Democratic Senators and House members flipped to the Republican side. And but for a brief switch because of a decision made by a bitter Jim Jeffords, neither house of Congress has returned to the control of the Democrats.

But the national Democrats, far from being a party with the face of Humphrey or Scoop Jackson, is now represented by the immature Baby Boomer who never got over Vietnam, Timothy Leary, or Watergate. And it says quite a lot about the party when I have to hearken back to the 1960s before I can recall a respectable and electable face. But I digress.

Nonetheless, the emotional and intellectual infant that is the Baby Boomer leftist cannot deal with disappointment. They do not rise to the occasion, but rather seek to have their entirely predictable electoral misfortune--a fact of life in politics--cast as an illness. If they can't get a win in the marketplace of ideas, they can at least file for disability.

Disappointment breeds wisdom in a mature mind, but as I stated before, the left never got over losing at Candyland. They surely won't bounce back from an electoral embarrassment, let alone a series of them by a guy they publicly declare to be a moron. Be that as it may, I don't want to end up paying for that entitlement generation's inability to cope with a rainy day by having it declared a disability. Because as absolutely pitiful as they are, they are pretty darned clever at getting other people to pay for their problems.


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