Friday, April 29, 2005

Pie Are Round - And Maybe a Little Funny

Jay Homnick, a decent fellow and visitor to the site, penned this article in Jewish World Review which was linked in a comment to an earlier post.

I missed the Horowitz pieing in the earlier post where I mentioned that this spate of splats indicates a willingness on the part of the left not just to breach social ettiquette, but to break the social contract by committing a crime against another person.

But Kristol's response to his uninvited dessert reflects a particular degree of class. Horowitz was justifiably upset and wanted to press charges. But Kristol refused to get ruffled. He even made a joke about it.

I think the greater point, though is that responses like Kristol's enhance the message he brings, while at the same time, diminish the appeal of the left. There is nothing like someone who has serious ideas, but doesn't take himself too seriously. Conversely, it looks good when his opposition can only counter with an angry emotional attack, and in this case, a physical assault. It is simply a symptom of their failure to offer any intellectual alternative to conservatives whose policies have always proved true.


Blogger jwb said...

These acts are deplorable and completely incompatible with the ideals of academic discourse. But to characterize these recent acts as mainstream "liberal" acts or as condoned by "liberals" is a poor argument, lacking in support.

By analogy, one could say that Eric Rudolph's bombing of the Olympic Park in Atlanta and an abortion clinic in Alabama, or Paul Hill's killing of an abortion doctor in 1994, or Michael Griffin's 1993 Killing of an abortion doctor, or James Kopp's Killing of an abortion doctor in 1998, or John Salvi's 1994 killing of an two receptionists at an abortion clinic in 1994 are evidence of acceptable behavior by all of the people who are right to life. But such a broad generalization is ludicrous and would merely be an unfounded smear.

What is more important, is not the act of these few individuals, there will always be a few individuals on both sides of the political spectrum who will resort to unacceptable behavior.

What is relevant here is the response from the academic institutions. It seems more relevant, not what these few individuals did, but rather what everyone else did.

Take, for example, the battery of Bill Kristol, who was hit by a pie while speaking at Earhlam College on March 29, 2005. The audience at Earlham College, where Mr. Kristol was speaking, jeered the student and applauded Kristol. The school has already suspended him (we shall see if he is expelled). See

At Butler, the administration immediately came out against the battery on Mr. Horowitz. It remains to be seen if they will vigorously pursue the attackers, but they are on the right path.

Taking these incidents as a whole, apparently this type of action does NOT qualify as acceptable dissent among liberals at American college campuses nowadays. To argue that the actions of a few individuals is indication of "a willingness on the part of the left" is a gross generalization.

11:56 AM  
Blogger Jay D. Homnick said...

Yes, I am a visitor, although I did not discover this reference until June 23.

Thank you for the link and the plug. Also, for your eloquent extension of my point.

As for the Liberals descent into chaos, the future looks quite bleak. As they say, pastry is prologue.

12:31 AM  

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