Tuesday, April 12, 2005

NAACP - "Playing the Race Card is OUR Job!"

I read this and almost fainted. Read the article if you like, but the whole point is that Julian Bond and his ilk, the same folks who formulated the James Byrd commercial for the 2000 election accusing Bush of being complicit in the dragging murder of that man, have the breathtaking brass to accuse President Bush of playing the race card by highlighting certain benefits of his social security plan to blacks.

Bush is trying to make clear that private accounts would be passed along as inheritance. That would likely be appealing to many in the black community, given their statistically shorter lifespan, and given that families of people who die before retirement age often do not receive social security benefits.

And that somehow qualifies as playing the race card.

But this comment by acting NAACP president, Dennis Courtland Hayes somehow does not:
Unfortunately for African-Americans, our experiences here in America are
color-coded," Hayes said. "We have to be concerned about mutations, of changes
that occur that we sometimes didn't foresee when we thought we were doing
something good."

As examples, he said constitutional amendments on behalf of blacks
after the Civil War led to Jim Crow laws curbing black voting rights, and court
decisions outlawing segregated schools triggered white flight from cities and
racial profiling in suburbs.

I suppose the NAACP meant to say that it is their job to play the race card. Just so we're clear.


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