Friday, April 29, 2005

The Left Has Removed Itself From Intelligent Political Discourse

John Hinderaker adds to my list another example of how the left continues to separate itself from legitimate political discourse and into the realms of the certifiable screaming maniacs who offer very little other than curses and swears and personal attacks, absent any real facts.

The link above to Powerline exhibits the pure ignorance of today's left by detailing the reaction of various students and faculty towards Ann Coulter who made a recent appearance at the University.

Some of the more revealing facts are the defacing of signs advertising her talk, and one student's proclamation that he hated her based upon what others had told him, knowing only that she was "blonde", which I suppose makes sense in a mind of the caliber. Then came the F-bombs and middle fingers during the talk. And then there was the report in the school newspaper that characterized Coulter's talk as "concentrated on widening the divide that exists within our student body as well as within our community." Maybe she did do that, but we have no idea what things she did that would create such an increase in the divide other than come to speak at a place where some fairly small-minded people disagreed with her.

I have no doubt that the comments and behavior from the irate folk in the audience indicate some disagreement with Ann. The only problem is that these people had neither the guts nor the intellectual capacity to defend their point of view. They screamed and cursed, made an intellectually ignorant statement and walked out. Giving them the very generous courtesy of presuming that they could actually express their point of view in terms other than disagreement or hate towards conservatives and their beliefs but rather in terms of actually having a set of positives values, they would still be unable to explain why they think as they do.

They just know that they are mad, which makes sense. When was the last time you saw a joyful leftist?


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