Monday, April 11, 2005

In the Footsteps of Al Gore

John Edwards chimes in (courtesy Drudge) about various things, but mainly how he would obstruct everything the Administration is doing. He also states that Hillary Clinton is not the frontrunner for the Democrats' nomination in 2008.

Presumably because Edwards wants to be.

But didn't Edwards learn anything from 2004? A moderate to conservative message is attractive nowadays. An obstructionist liberal message is viewed as old and cranky. But the funny thing is that Edwards actually fancies himself a winner when his own home state (and his own town) voted for Bush.

You can build a rocket as perfect as you like, but when you can't put fuel in it, it's just an insanely expensive statue.

John Edwards is a bitter soul. Trying to break into the candidate ranks with that kind of attitude won't get him far.


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