Tuesday, April 12, 2005

He's Gay, So What He Says Doesn't Matter

Bill Clinton may have committed a serious faux pas when it comes to sensitivity to the homosexual community. Arthur Finkelstein, a Republican strategist who is working to hamper Hillary Clinton's re-election efforts and presidential aspirations caught an interesting diagnosis from Bill Clinton.

Rather than focusing on the man's activities, Clinton brings up the fact that Finkelstein is gay, and that his anti-Hillary activities are some manifestation of his gay self-loathing. So his acting out as a function of his "gayness", rather than a true intellectual opposition to the Lady Macbeth of New York explains why he is opposing her.

Taking this along with John Kerry's and John Edwards' exploitation of Mary Cheney's private life, it seems to me that the Democrats' love of gays extends only so far as they toe the line. And it seems that they treat gays about the same as they do minorities: if you side with the Republicans, there must be something deeply wrong with you.


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