Thursday, April 07, 2005

Correcting Wrongs--Repeating Them

Dick Morris had an excellent article deconstructing Sandy Berger's ridiculous explanation for acts which would have gotten anyone else charged with espionage. My prior post hit on the same major points, but yet another and potentially scary new angle has occurred to me.

Sandy Berger absconded with classified material because he knew that there was evidence in those documents, (likely in the marginalia since he knew there were other copies of the original document available) that he and/or his bosses had behaved stupidly in the face of a growing terror threat. They were known doves when it came to dealing with terrorists and their state sponsors, and their only response was to downplay the threat or offer bribes.

Removing and destroying the documents indicates that he knew that the policies he advocated were disasters. But Berger has failed to indicate any deviation from them. His regular appearances on various news shows criticizing the Bush Administration's terror policies eliminate any doubt about that.

Had John Kerry won the presidency, he would have been Secretary of State, absent this failure. So it stands to reason that the lousy policies he advocated during the 1990s, and which he certainly later discovered to be lacking, hence the document theft and destruction which caused him to plead guilty to a crime, were not so lousy that he wouldn't use them again on us.

Berger's arrogance is not only inexcusable, it is dangerous, further showing that he and his kind belong teaching worthless courses at universities, not formulating our nation's response to enemies.


Blogger Cranky Yankee said...

I'm really fighting an urge to call you a dumbass. He took COPIES!

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