Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bob Ehrlich Is Turning Off The People Who Voted For Him

Bob Ehrlich, the Governor-For-Now of Maryland has done a remarkably good job of alienating the very dopes who voted for him back in 2002.

My wife and I sat down to do our taxes and discovered that we did very well on the federal side, but ended up paying way, way more to the State of Maryland. I posted earlier about the financial health of the State of Maryland here. So those of us families in Maryland ask, what about us?

Ehrlich has few things of which he can boast in 2006. Promised tax cuts did not materialize. Instead, fees have gone up. The tax increases passed by former Governor Parris Glendenning remained intact with nary a word from the Governor's mansion. The InterCounty Connector remains unbuilt, forcing those of us who live in the Annapolis area to slog across the notoriously clogged Capital Beltway, adding in an extra 2 hours for the 15-20 miles it takes to traverse that road.

The way a Republican gets elected is promising to get the government off the backs of families, and to stand up for their values. Ehrlich is pro-choice, which helps little on the morality front, but being soft on taxes may cause many Republican families in Maryland to "undervote" in 2006. Especially those of us who are reminded every April of just how much the State takes from our pockets.


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