Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Biden Overplayed the Dems' Hand

I've never accused Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) of being particularly savvy. He is a camera opportunist who likes to hear & see himself on TV. And the hatchet job he is attempting on John Bolton is yet another example of this man's ego going before his brain.

I discussed this yesterday here, citing as further evidence (in addition to prior and current behavior regarding judicial appointments and cabinet posts) that the Senate Democrats care about bitter, politically-motivated obstruction, not the business of the Congress. And it seems that in the act of opposing Bolton, the Senate Democrats conveyed an impression of themselves which exceeded the wildest dreams of Republicans.

The first chuckle comes courtesy of John Hinderaker at Powerline who posted this beauty. Yes, protesters. Code Pink, as they call themselves, came out to express a pro-U.N. view, which is much like offering a pro-Division of Motor Vehicles position. The bottom line is that critters like this are not the kind of people with whom the Dems want to be associated if they wish to retain any measure of credibility. And today, things got much worse after this testimony. As predicted, it was a staffer who got up and sobbed that Bolton wasn't nice. He characterized Bolton as a "serial abuser". The only problem was that his testimony was pure hearsay. Notwithstanding that detail, the Democrats then intellectually collapsed.

Joe Biden said that it is inappropriate to dress down a junior employee. But he neglects to mention what happened to the employees in question. They were neither fired nor reassigned. And oddly enough, the grievous mistreatment was not enough to make them quit.

But the best remarks go to the airhead Wal-Mart cashier turned U.S. Senator, Barbara Boxer, who adds that Bolton needs anger management and that he's a bully. And then the quote that will make a Saturday Night Live skit this weekend: when referring to Bolton's alleged disdain for the U.N., she said "You can dance around it. You can run away from it. You can put perfume on it..." The Democrats really do themselves no favors by letting Senator Mensa do anything other than sit on the floor and color.

This is an unqualified disaster for the Democrats. They set up a show trial, and instead made themselves look like fools for spewing unconvincing righteous indignation over irrelevant matters and by putting up a whiney little witness who told an uncompelling story.

Folks, you are watching the implosion of one of America's great political parties. They're doing it to themselves.


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