Saturday, April 02, 2005

Beautiful News of a Reward

My friends, I bring you wonderful news. Karol Wojtyla, a man who loved us, whom we knew as John Paul II has entered eternity, and now worships freely at the feet of our God.

He lived a life of sacrifice so that we may know the salvation that comes only from Jesus Christ. And now he knows Him perfectly.

He will never know anything but joy and beauty from this day forth.

Karol, we will miss you. And from a Catholic-turned-Prostestant, I offer you thanks. You showed us how to live a life of love with the joy of Christ in your heart. And you showed us how to die. Your final message was an exhortation to be joyful in your death, because you were joyful in it.

We are poorer in your absence. You are richer than we can imagine. And we look forward to meeting you as the faithful persevere with your example. Thank you for a life lived for God, and given to us.

Take joy. A hero has passed into reward.


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