Tuesday, March 22, 2005

What the Left Thinks of Life

Terry Schiavo lost in Federal Court, at least insofar as a stay of the removal of the feeding tube is concerned. More on the later today. But remember by previous admonitions about the left and their rather ghoulish attitude towards life that does not have a utilitarian function for society. It is Huxleyism at its best.

But Daily Kos, one of the most influential blogs on the internet today provides a much better picture of the left's view of frail and socially unproductive life than I could ever construct. I caught this (beware of the language folks) from Daily Kos, courtesy of Jonathan Last at Galley Slaves. It must be read. Forgetting how absolutely cruel, unintellectual, and light on fact it is, the post exudes a singularly uncut evil. The left tries to candy coat their feelings with unctuous words, but remove the gloss and this is what they are all about.

Consider this when you consider your political associations.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hunter was a bit over the top in his rant, but don't you understand why this is raising so many people's emotions? I don't want Delay and Frist and a bunch of other people interfering with MY decisions about MY right to die! If I am ever in Ms. Schiavo's situation that is a matter for me and my wife!!!

Hunter was venting about the House's totally reprehensible abuse of power. If you think that the Florida courts got this wrong, then fine; courts get things wrong all the time, no? Put safeguards in place and deal with it. But much of the rhetoric that I'm seeing from the Republicans is simply a bashing and demonizing of the judiciary. What's your solution? Get rid of the courts? Only have two branches of government? Only have the judiciary when the majority likes their rulings?

The trial court determined that, even applying the "clear and convincing evidence" standard -- the highest burden of proof used in civil cases -- the evidence showed that Terri would not wish to continue life-prolonging measures.

If you don't think that that standard is strong enough, if you think that people should only have the right to die when they have a written living will, then change Florida law! But the hubris of congress (both republican & democrat) to think that they know more than a judge who has heard hours and hours of testimony from BOTH sides is insane.

If a democratic dominated house tried that stunt with the subpoena, I dare say that you and ever other conservative blogger would be flying off the handle too, ranting and raving about crazy out of control liberals trying to take aware our individual rights a liberties! But to criticize Hunter for his text is missing the point of his emotion, which is the emotion of most Americans. And the Republicans have underestimated the general public sentiment on this issue.

Your last statement made me laugh. I know several republicans who have questioned their party affiliation this week because of the house and senate tactics. For one of my family members, a republican since birth, this weeks shenanigans by the congressional republicans was the proverbial straw. She's changing parties!!!

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