Wednesday, March 30, 2005

We Were Wong All Along

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals just granted the Schindlers a hearing, admitting that there may be grounds to reconsider the ruling of the Federal District Court, because the statute passed by Congress did say that a federal case could be brought notwithstanding the results or evidence presented at the state level. The court somehow missed that glaring black and white detail at the prior appeal.

But don't get too excited. This was a ruling, (1) granting a hearing, (2) to determine whether the Schindlers get a new hearing as to whether the feeding tube gets inserted, (3) pending court action. And we have no timetable for that gateway hearing.

So unless Terri can hold on for a month, this ruling seems, more than anything, to be justice delayed to the point of tragedy. I hope this awakens people to the problem and consequence of tolerating judges who ignore law.


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