Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Voter Fraud and Intimidation - Keepin' It Real With The Dems

It seems that the Democrats aren't going to scoot out of their Election 2004 mischief. The House Administration Committee is looking into it all, and here is the link to one of the individuals providing testimony about Ohio mischief.

It contains the usual Democrat bag of tricks. I have a few favorite examples. A registration was filed for one "Jive F. Turkey" in Cuyahoga County, a jurisdiction where the Dems planned to get a wealth of votes. Just so you know, Mr. Turkey's middle name is probably not the kind of thing I'd put on this site. His mother should be ashamed. Despite the clever effort to conceal its fraudulent nature, the subterfuge was exposed. Even better were registration forms filled out in the same handwriting. Or the registration for someone who had been dead for twenty years (kind of a "scary" ballot).

But then there's the not so funny things. Someone was paid with crack by the NAACP to fill out fraudulent registrations. And the election day lawsuits filed to suspend any identification requirement at the polls (presumably because the aforementioned Mr. Turkey couldn't get his potty-mouthed name put on a driver's license), to allow people to vote at whatever the heck precinct they wanted to (because they are presumably too stupid to find the place closest to their home, making it a problem for the rest of us), to expel election observers (when the cat's away...), and to even do away with the requirement of registration.

And finally, there is the stuff we thought was reserved for tinpot dictatorships. Of course, there were the people electioneering within the 100 foot barrier, but so what? It pales in comparison to the stuff that would actually scare people away from the polls. MoveOn, ACLU (whom we thought supported everyone's civil liberties), and other leftist groups physically harassed and intimidated voters, prevented voters from leaving the polls by blocking their cars, yelled at people outside their voting booths that they had only a few seconds left, and called homes to tell voters that the election was on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Bear in mind that they did this to REPUBLICAN voters. It seems that they were too busy to trouble the Democrat voters.

The Democrats charge in their lawsuits and their sorry public statements that the Republicans are out to "disenfranchise" them essentially because legal standards for the conduct of elections are being enforced. And it makes sense, because it seems that these Democrats find it very difficult to keep to the law. And while most courts do not take them seriously, some do. And their effort is to do more than simply disenfranchise their opponents. It is an orchestrated effort to debauch the ballot and our system of free elections.

Consider that well as the next election cycle approaches. Someone is out to snuff your vote.


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