Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Secrets of the Bekaa Valley

It has been rumored since just after the Iraq invasion in 2003 that the Bekaa Valley likely housed Saddam's WMD. The weapons were very likely provided to Bashar Assad, Saddam's willing ally, who moved them into his country and then into Lebanon for safekeeping.

The news now is that Assad will first pull his forces back to the Bekaa Valley and then back to Syria. I wouldn't want to leave my smoking gun there for the world to find either. Of course, Assad claims that he is simply keeping to a treaty which provided for a stop in the Bekaa Valley before returning home. But that treaty is dead because Assad's father, Hafez al Assad, was supposed to do that in 1992.

It remains to be seen what resides in that valley, but I'm thinking that what we began in 2003 is not yet resolved.


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