Monday, March 28, 2005

Schiavo Protestors: Irrational Product of the Left

Ok, the subject line needs some explanation, so hear me out before you start shouting.

The right to life protestors at Terri Schiavo's hospice in Pinellas Park, FL are by and large rational people. Granted, there are a vocal and nutty few who seem to be coming a bit unglued emotionally, who feel that it is their civic duty to get arrested, as if that helps Terri's position any.

But their most recent calls for extralegal measures from Jeb Bush (to ignore the court rulings and engage in an abuse of executive power by staging an Elian Gonzales-style raid of the hospice to rescue Terri, forcing a confrontation between local and state police), and the demand for Federal involvement in what appears to be a state issue are the very kind of things that weaken their cause, because they are requesting an overreach of state power. We know that because the media and the left tell us so. And for once they are correct.

But these protestors are taking their lead from the very people who are their critics.

The left has never hesitated to abuse the executive power at their hand or to abridge states' rights by bringing a controversy into the federal realm. The left was only too happy to watch Elian Gonzales taken by force and repatriated to an oppressive communist dictatorship which his mother gave her life to escape. Janet Reno responded to defiance by attacking Branch Davidian compound, killing all inside. She also quashed a number of investigations into ethical and legal issues of her boss, Bill Clinton. And while we are on the topic Bill Clinton, never was his executive power more abused than in his last few days in office. Not wishing to trouble Congress with the burden of introducing, conducting hearings on, and voting on legislation to ensure that the policy changes were in keeping with the will of the people, he created new environmental standards by executive order, and ordered the ratification of a treaty subjecting the U.S. to an international criminal court, among other things. He also repealed lobbying restrictions which he imposed eight years before on outgoing Bush 41 staffers, arbitrarily granting his staff courtesies which he was unwilling to grant those of his predecessor. And then there were the pardons of his amigos. Marc Rich who fled the country was pardoned because of his wife's campaign checks. Former Democrat Congressman Mel Reynolds was pardoned for his history of child molestation. And drug kingpin Carlos Vignali got a pass because, yes, you guessed it, his father funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrats.

Not a single leftist complained at these flagrant abuses of power, and while they are right to question the legality of the demands of the Schindler family and the right to life activists, they are hypocrites for doing so. Because these are moves out of their own playbook.

People have become so accustomed to watching the left and their sympathizers in power abuse the restrictions that guarantee us a limited government, so it is only natural that the protestors would request the exact same abuses for their benefit.

They're wrong to request it. It should never be granted them. But then again, the same should apply to the left. They created the monster they see in Pinellas Park, so they can't be heard to complain about it.


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