Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Moonwalkin' Out of Court

I predicted it before, and I'll predict it again: Michael Jackson will Moonwalk out of the courtroom a free man with what remains of his odd little body. Because the prosecution's star witness is a flop.

This post (courtesy Drudge) is an excellent post mortem on Mesereau's cross examination. The kid's admission that he denied being molested to school officials would ordinarily be of little use for the defense, because no boy on earth wants to admit that something like that happened. And this can't be easy for a boy to get up in court and face a withering cross examination from a talented trial lawyer.

But taken in light of the so far very successful strategy which Mesereau seems to be pursuing, it's devastating. The accuser and his family are very properly being cast as grifters. And while it is still just as bad to do this to a con artist's child, the credibility off the accuser and his family will evaporate.

From his inability to put a date on the molestation, to his attributing statements about masturbation to both Jackson and his grandmother, to his cocky attitude, the jury is going to find it easier and easier to distance themselves from this boy and his accusations.

None of this in itself means that Michael Jackson will walk free, but if this case turns into a credibility war, I think Michael has it won.

And from here on out, any parent that lets their kid within a mile of Michael Jackson should be charged with abuse.


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