Thursday, March 31, 2005

Michael Schiavo, What On Earth Is Wrong With You?

Many of us knew that Michael Schiavo was not a contender for husband of the year. We've spoke about the reasons for that ad nauseum.

But his refusal to permit her family to be present at the time of her passing sinks below the fetid depths in the cesspool of cruelty to which he had already descended.

A fitting end to a heartbreaking story.

There is something so wrong with the character of Michael Schiavo that it escapes description. He has no shame. And I hope that the people who surround him see him for what he is.

It's a shame that Terri didn't do so earlier.


Blogger msTChamberlain said...

Since Michael Schiavo and Jodi are not allowing for Terri to have a proper burial plot ,so her family and friends can show their respect
maybe they want all of us to go to there home to drop off our flowers. keep sending those sympathy card and letters. So Terri will know we will never forget her

2807 Marrie Court
Clearwater fl. 33761-3837

1:15 AM  

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