Wednesday, March 30, 2005

John Tabin on Terri Schiavo

John Tabin commented on one of my earlier posts, and his American Spectator article is a must read.

He makes no points about the morality of Terri Schiavo's starvation. Rather, he focuses on what the physical experience would be. Morphine and its family of opoid drugs are effective at relieving pain. And there would be nothing wrong with giving Terri a morphine drip. She would never get addicted if she is going to die.

But that's the problem. George Felos' and Michael Schiavo's arguments hinge on Terri having no conscious perception of pain or anything else. If she is conscious, as several doctors have opined, she is being under-medicated for pain.

But for their legal and politico-philosophical position to be tenable, Terri cannot be medicated. To do anything different would expose the moral deficiencies of their position.


Blogger StopTheSpin said...

Here we go again from congress, to the president to the Judges. Everyone is grinding their teeth, clinching their fists and stamping their feet into the clay ground. ENOUGH! STop The Spin please. It's getting sicker than Terri.

Take Terri Home. It is not the Hospitals responsibility nor the tax payers time and money. It is a family issue. The husband has a right to take the lady home to either live or die in peace.

Stop the spin and shut down the news cameras. There are many who are in the same shape as Terri, but theyare home, and they are living and dying without a public profile. Enough already.

4:24 PM  

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