Wednesday, March 09, 2005

How Much Could Saddam Have Paid Him???

One of my least favorite people, Scott Ritter, decided to open his mouth regarding the Iraqi elections. Per Ritter, the elections were fixed and the Bush Administration plans to attack Iran in June of 2005. So continues the anti-Bush/anti-U.S. screeching of this once anti-Iraq hawk.

Remember that Ritter was a U.N. weapons inspector who once believed that Saddam had WMD and resigned claiming that Bill Clinton was too easy on Saddam. But then, just as soon as he resigned, he mysteriously switched gears. His new tune was that there existed no WMD in Iraq, and that any action against that nation was wrong. The reasons for the flip flop are discussed here, but center around an allegation that Ritter was on the take from Saddam.

As for his other predictions, he claimed in March of 2003 that we would be defeated in Iraq.

But he's moved on to better things. He's now a writer for Al Jazeera.

And I thought Darth Vader was an excellent example of what happens when you switch to the dark side.


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